Brand Names: Alli, Xenical
Related Medications: Adipex-P, Belviq, Belviq XR, Contrave, Didrex, Fastin, Meridia, Qsymia, Saxenda

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Xenical is a trading name of the active ingredient Orlistat. This ingredient does not inhibit hunger but helps to lose weight. In order to get rid of the excessive weight, no exhausting diets are required. You may follow a balanced healthy eating and even consume some fatty food. And you will still lose weight with the help of Xenical.

Xenical blocks the uptake of the vegetable and animal fats in the stomach. It reduces the activity of the gastro-intestinal lipases which are responsible for the splitting and uptake of fats. They go to the stomach and are excreted with the stool unchanged from the body. due to this, fats are not absorbed into the blood and not spread through the tissues, the body begins to spend the accumulated fatty tissue to cover the energetic losses. It launches a process of the reduction from the excessive body weight.

Xenical is a safer drug for the treatment of the obesity. It does not affect the work of the heart, central nervous system and other organs. It even is not absorbed into the systemic blood flow, and therefore the side effects are seldom during the use of Xenical

The effect from the use of Xenical is slow but stable. A process of the correct weight loss may be accelerated by means of the increasing physical activity and a balanced eating.

In what dose is Xenical used?

Xenical is produced in capsules that should be used orally before every meals containing animal or vegetable fats. Xenical is used not more than 3 times per day during balanced eating. Every capsule contains 120 mg of Orlistat. If you accidentally forgot to take Xenical before meals, take a capsule during meals, or within an hour after meals.

In 1 hour after meals, a process of the absorption of fats will be in active stage and the use of Xenical will be pointless. Therefore, try to take Xenical 120 mg in time and have it at hand.

If your food does not contain vegetable or animal fats (or it is in a low amount), you may skip the use of Xenical 120 mg.

The treatment of the obesity is continued within 6-12 hours depending on the body mass index and a required result. The use of Xenical may be started by patient whose body weight index is 28 and more.

  • If you have an intestinal absorption disorder, do not take Xenical
  • Patients under 12 years old are not prescribed Xenical for the treatment of the excessive weight
  • Xenical is not used during pregnancy because it affects a process of the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins required for the development of a child
  • If you are taking Xenical for more than 3 months, it is recommended to add vitamin complex to your diet that will contain vitamins A, E, K (these vitamins are absorbed in a low amount during the use of the drug)
Side effects

The side effects of Xenical may be caused by the peculiarity of the body. The studies have proved that most patients do not experience side effects. The symptoms may grow during the use of the high doses of Xenical and a consumption of a lot of fatty food.

The symptoms of the side effects of Xenical are oily discharges from anus, frequent defecation, bloating, low appetite, and light fatigue. By reducing the consumption of the fatty food, you may completely get rid of the side effects.


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