Brand Names: Revia, Vivitrol
Related Medications: Bunavail, Campral, Disulfiram Tablets, Probuphine, Vivitrol, Zubsolv, Naloxone, Morphine / Naltrexone (Embeda), Naloxone / Pentazocine, Buprenorphine / Naloxone

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Revia is a trading name of the active ingredient Naltrexone. The product is used in medicamental therapy of alcoholism and narcotic/opioid addiction. This is one of few drugs which really works and has a very high level of the pharmacological safety.

Data of the medical study confirm that a prolonged application of the drug is not accompanied by the development of tolerance and/or appearance of a medical addiction. The action mechanism of Revia is based on the interaction with opiate receptors. The drug blocks agonist binding (stimulants) with opiate receptors or completely pushes them out the opiate receptors. It means that a human will not have euphoria or similar symptoms even during the consumption of the opiate narcotic ingredients. The same happens with alcohol.

Revia helps to cope with opiate addiction and reduce side effects caused by the use of the narcotic analgesics or other analogical drugs. At the same time, the effect of these medicines is reduced.

To increase the efficiency in the treatment of the narcotic addiction, Revia is able to cause an episode of abstinence that is accompanied by the negative symptoms. Therefore, a human has a negative attitude towards narcotic ingredients and giving up goes easily.

In what dose is Revia used?

As Revia may cause an abstinence episode even during insignificant concentration of opioids in the blood, the treatment should be started in 7 days after complete refuse from their consumption. A concentration of opioids in the body may be estimated by the results of the urine test.

At first, it is recommended to test for Naltrexone. To do it, ½ of Revia pill 50 mg (25 mg of the ingredient) is given to a patient. A patient is observed within an hour, and if there are not bad symptoms, another half of the pill (another 25 mg) is given. If no negative effects occurred after the use of the second half, a patient is prescribed the basic therapy.

A standard dose of Revia is 50 mg per day. The tablets may be used at any time but with similar interval. Therefore, it is better to find the same time when you will take the medicine and follow the instructions. The treatment is continued up to the complete disappearance of an addiction.

  • Revia is not prescribed patients under 18 years old, women during pregnancy and lactation
  • If acute hepatitis or hepatic failure, the use of Revia is contraindicated
  • Any chronic diseases of liver may affect metabolism of Naltrexone, so that its concentration will grow in the blood. If you belong to a risk group, consult a doctor
  • An alcohol consumption and use of narcotic/opioid ingredients are strictly prohibited during the treatment
Side effects

The use of Revia may be accompanied by the moderate side effects: nausea, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, thirst, increase or loss of the body weight, andtachycardia.

The side effects may vary because an individual reaction to Naltrexone is unpredictable.


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