Brand Names: Proscar, Propecia
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Proscar inhibits a formation of dihydrotestosterone and reduces its influence on the tissues of the prostatic gland. The drug contains an active ingredient Finasteride that has antiandrogenic characteristics.

An inhibition of the formation of dihydrotestosterone is accompanied by the reduction of volume of the prostatic gland, increase of the maximal speed of the urine flow and decrease of the symptoms of the urethral obstruction.

Proscar is effective in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia related to the changes of the level of male sexual hormones. The drug does not help to stop a development of the cancerous tumor of the prostatic gland. The effect of Proscar develops slowly. A stable therapeutic effect and a decrease of the prostatic hyperplasia symptoms may be only in 1,5-2 months. An intensive medical effect is registered for 3-4 months of the treatment.

A medical effect is maintained during a long-term use of Proscar. The action of the drug is invertible, and therefore there is a risk of the increased level of dihydrotestosterone and prostatic gland.

Using Proscar improves a hair growth and its quality in men. Hair becomes stronger, grows faster, and hair loss is reduced.

In what dose is Proscar used?

A tablet of Proscar contains 5 mg of the active ingredient Finasteride. An optimal therapeutic dose is 5 mg per day to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The tablets of Proscar should be used every day at the same time in order to keep the same interval and a high level of Finasteride in the blood. Food does not influence on bioavailability of the active ingredients, and therefore the medicines may be used regardless of meals.

A therapeutic effect is kept only if the tablets are used without any breaks. Proscarshould be taken at least 1 year, in order to achieve a stabletherapeutic effect. Patients can’t take pills more 3 years. If you can not to get therapeutic effect in 3 years, you need to change method of treatment with your doctor.

  • Women of the reproductive age should avoid tablets with broken cover. The use and even tactile contact with Finasteride may cause serious hormonal changes in women
  • There are no significant consequences during the simultaneous use of Proscar with other medical products
  • A contraindication for the use of Proscar is a young age under 18 years old. The use of the medicine is not recommended till male endocrine profile is fully formed.
  • Patients with dysfunction of liver should take a due care during the use of Proscar
Side effects

A side effect of Proscar often appears in the form of the erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, and decreased volume of ejaculate. All side effects happen only during the use of the tablets. After the end of the use, a sexual function is completely restored within 3 months.

Proscar does not cause systemic side effects affecting the functions of heart, nervous system, and abdominal cavity organs. In rare cases, light allergic reactions that quickly pass without a medical aid are possible.


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