Brand Names: Deltasone, Rayos, Sterapred
Related Medications: Aristocort, Axumin, Azmacort, Celestone, Celestone Soluspan, Cortone, Decadron, Deltasone, Depo Medrol, Flo-Pred, Neodecadron, Solu Cortef, Solu Medrol

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Prednisone is a pharmacological form of the adrenocortical hormone. According to the medical studies, it acts by 4-5 times better than cortisone, and by 3 times better than hydrocortisone. Unlike them, the drug causes lower retention of sodium and water in the body, and only slightly increases a discharge of potassium.

The drug has an intensive anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action. It can stop an allergic process on any severity level. It happens by means of the histamine production, a main neuromediator of the allergic reaction.

Prednisone has all therapeutic functions of adrenocortical hormones:

  • An inhibition of secretion of gonadotropic and thyrotrophic hormones
  • Narrowing of the blood vessels
  • Redistribution of the fatty tissue
  • Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis
  • A catabolic action
  • A reduction of the convulsion threshold
  • An inhibition of the immune system

A pharmacological action appears after the first use of the therapeutic dose. An effect is kept within several months after the end of the drug use. Due to the broad therapeutic action on the body, Prednisone is effectively used during severe inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, severe forms of allergy, brain edema, bronchial asthma and obstruction of the respiratory tracts, acute adrenocortical insufficiency, hepatic coma, and others.

In what dose is Prednisone used?

Prednisone may be used in minimal effective dose in order to reduce a negative action of the drug on the body. The treatment is started from the dose of Prednisone 5 mg per day regardless of type of the impairment. A dose is gradually increased up to 20-40 mg every 3 days depending on severity of the symptoms. A daily dose is taken at any time.

Having a stable therapeutic effect, a patient uses a maintaining therapy with the use of Prednisone 5-10 mg per day.

Children are recommended to take not more than 15 mg of Prednisone per day. The dose is increased under doctor’s control during the intensive pathologies.

The treatment takes a long time to fix a therapeutic effect and completely reduce disease symptoms.

  • It is very important to have a complete examination of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tracts and lungs, abdominal cavity organs, and vision organs. If any diseases of these systems/organs are found, a scheme of the treatment is adjusted
  • As Prednisone provides an intensive catabolic action, its application may cause a growth impairment in children. Therefore the drug is used in minimal doses for a short period in pediatrics
  • The use of Prednisone is contraindicated during ulcer of stomach and duodenum, osteoporosis, severe arterial hypertension, mycosis, viral infections, and chickenpox.
Side effects

A side effect of Prednisone depends on an individual sensitivity to the action of the drug. Some patients do not experience side effects, and others may have ulcerous disease of the gastro-intestinal tract, high level of glucose in the blood, edema, high sensitivity to infections, agitation, insomnia, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis.


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