(Tamoxifen Citrate)

Brand Names: Nolvadex, Soltamox
Related Medications: Abraxane, Alkeran, Androxy, Aromasin, Bicnu, Docefrez, Femara, Gemzar, Halaven, Herceptin, Innohep, Kadcyla, Megace, Megace ES, Totect, Tykerb, Xgeva

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Nolvadex may stop progressing of the cancerous tumor stimulated by the estrogen receptors. It contains Tamoxifen. This ingredient may bind to the receptors of estrogen all over the body and block their action.

During some forms of cancer, it helps to slow down a progressing of tumor and avoid an urgent surgery. The pharmacological characteristics of Nolvadex are successfully used in oncology to treat breast cancer, male breast cancer, renal cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, prostate cancer.

A therapeutic effect of Nolvadex is kept within 1-2 weeks after a one-time use of a dose. Therefore, during the regular use of the drug, the optimal conditioned are made to treat malignant neoplasms in the longer term.

Nolvadex does not influence on metabolism of the estrogenic hormones and their concentration in the blood plasma. The drug is rather well tolerated and does not cause a medical addiction.

Also Nolvadex may stop progressing of gynecomastia in men, after taking androgenic hormones\anabolic steroids.

In what dose is Nolvadex used?

To treat malignant growths, Nolvadex is used in the dose of 20-40 mg 2 times per day. The pills are used every day without missing any dose. A time of the drug use does not matter. A therapeutic effect is kept only during a regular and long-term use of Nolvadex. A standard therapy of the breast cancer lasts for 1 to 3 years. In some cases, a maintenance therapy may take up to 6 years.

But in case of the signs of the disease progress and increase of tumor, the treatment is stopped. At certain moment, the action of Nolvadex cannot cope with a growth of the tumor, and therefore more intensive chemotherapy or carcinectomy may be needed.But while Nolvadex work, you need to take these pills every day.

  • If you are a woman of the reproductive age and you are taking Nolvadex, use additional methods of the contraception. The medicine causes ovulation and increases a risk of the unplanned pregnancy
  • It is necessary to control the blood clotting, hormone level and a general image of the blood during the therapy
  • If using Nolvadex you become pregnant, stop the treatment
  • If thrombosis developed during the treatment, it is necessary to lower the dose of Nolvadex, or stop the treatment
  • Nolvadex in high doses may have a negative action on liver. Therefore control the functional rates of the liver during the treatment
Side effects

Using Nolvadex, you should be ready for the development of the following side effects: loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, skin rash, dry skin, confusion, insomnia, genital itching, decreased libido.

The side effects of Nolvadex may be conditioned by the indirect action of the drug but hormonal changes in the body. If the side effects do not cause an evident physiological of psychological discomfort, a medical aid is not required. But if the side effects bother you, consult a doctor.


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