Brand Names: Levitra, Staxyn
Related Medications: Cialis, Stendra, Testim, Viagra, Staxyn

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Levitra is a medical product developed in the laboratories by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, and approved by FDA for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. Its main advantage consists in a high pharmacological safety.

Levitra contains an active ingredient Vardenafil. Every pill has some amount of Vardenafil – 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg. Due to the low dose, the drug is not accumulated in the body, does not cause a medical addiction, and therefore there is no need to increase a daily dose during a long-term treatment.

A low dose of Vardenafil acts like high doses of Viagra. After the oral use, Vardenafil reaches the blood plasma and improves physiological processes happening during a sexual arousal. Levitra causes a good blood flow to the tissues of the penis, and a man is able to have sex.

The action of Levitra begins quickly. The pills have a special cover which is dissolved in the intestine within 10 minutes. Therefore, after the use of a therapeutic dose of Levitra, you do not have to wait for a beginning of the action. You will be able to begin a sexual intercourse at once. An active period of the Levitra action is 6-7 hours.

In what dose is Levitra used?

Depending on physiological peculiarities of the male body, an individual dose of Levitra is selected. A pill of Levitra 10 mg per day will be enough for most men. But in case of the low sensitivity to the action of Vardenafil, the action of Levitra 10 mg may be low, and erection will not be hard enough. In this case, the daily dose of Levitra may be increased up to 20 mg.

Aged men over 65 years old should begin the treatment from the minimal daily dose of Levitra 5 mg. It will minimize a load to the internal organs and avoid side effects.

The pills of Levitra (regardless of the dose) are used only once per day.

  • The use of Levitra may cause high intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. Therefore, it is necessary to take due care or avoid taking the drug during this disease
  • Levitra does not affect the functions of the cardiovascular system, and that is why the drug may be used during high blood pressure, pancreatic diabetes, and light tachycardia. But the use of Levitra is contraindicated during severe heart diseases
  • After the use of Levitra, a little of alcohol may be used but not more than 100 ml of hard liquor
  • If you are taking nitric oxide donators or have taken other drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment within the past 24 hours, do not take Levitra
Side effects

Levitra is well tolerated even by aged men. In rare cases, some side effects may appear after the use of Levitra, such as: headache, redness of face, stomach upset, nasal stuffiness, and back pain.

The side effects of Levitra are light or moderate. In most cases, they are cause by an overdose, and so do not neglect recommendations for the use. Take the pills by prescription and in the indicated doses.


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