(Sildenafil Citrate)

Brand Names: Viagra
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Intagra is prescribed men who have a bad erection during the sexual arousal. The drug contains Sildenafil, and therefore in fact, Intagra is an exact copy of Viagra. Both these drugs have similar mechanism of the action and the same amount of the active ingredient Sildenafil. But Intagra is produced in India, and therefore a cost for the drug is by several times lower.

Intagra does not cause an uncontrolled erection. A pharmacological action of the drug is built the way that erection appears only if a man has a sexual desire. If there is no sexual arousal, Sildenafil will not act.

The physiological processes are improved in the penis under the action of Intagra. The blood vessels are dilated during the arousal, and the blood circulation is improved in the cavernous bodies.

A man may control erection within entire sexual intercourse. Intagra helps to achieve erection and maintains high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the penis. Intagra may be used during the erectile dysfunction caused by the various organic and psychological factors: stress, depression, neurosis, anxiety, low tone of the blood vessels, pancreatic diabetes, inflammatory diseases of the urinary tracts, and others.

In what dose is Intagra used?

Intagra is used as needed, one hour before a sexual intercourse. As the drug acts for 4-5 hours, you do not have to take the medicine long before the sexual activity.

Take the pills of Intagra on an empty stomach in order to accelerate the uptake of Sildenafil into the systemic blood flow. Fatty food slows down the uptake of Sildenafil, and therefore be ready that the drug will act later after meals. a standard therapeutic dose of Intagra is 100 mg (1 pill). Intagra 100 mg may be used every day with the interval of 20 hours.

Aged men over 65 years old should take Intagra 100 mg seldom because they have a slow excretion of Sildenafil from the body.

The everyday use of Intagra is allowed within 2-3 years. Even a long-term treatment will not cause a medical addiction and does not reduce its therapeutic activity.

  • Patients with renal and hepatic failure should take Intagra carefully. The functions of the liver and kidneys should be regularly controlled during the use of the pills
  • To reduce a risk of the acute hypotension, Intagra is not used with nitrates
  • If a man has cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to have a permission of a cardiologist to take Intagra. The use of the pills is contraindicated during heart failure
Side effects

And allergic reaction is the only side effect required an urgent termination of the use of Intagra.

The use of Intagra is not stopped during the following side effects: headache, pain in back. Rednessoftheface, dizziness, feelingoffever. This is a normal reaction of the body to the physiological processes happening after the use of the pills. The body will get used to the action of the drug after several uses of Intagra, and side effects will disappear.

If you want to know more about the possible side effects, consult a doctor.


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