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Forzest is a new drug for men who are not able to have erection and a sexual intercourse. In fact, this is a popular active ingredient Tadalafil but it is produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy and released under the trade name Forzest.

A regular use of Forzest helps to restore a sexual function of a man, does not cause a medical addiction, physiological addiction and dysfunctions in the body.

Tadalafil acts softly and for a long time. an active period of the action of a onetime therapeutic dose of Forzest is 36 hours. Any sexual stimulation will cause a release of the nitric oxide in the blood vessels of the penis within this period. And so, they will be dilated, and the blood flow is increased in the penis. An improved nutrition of the tissues of the penis with the blood causes a strong and long-term erection.

Forzest acts for a long time, and therefore it improves erection and helps to quickly restore energy after ejaculation. You will be ready for the next sexual activity in a couple of minutes, and Forzest will stimulate erection even if you are tired or your sexual arousal is low. But if a man does not have any sexual desire at all, Tadalafil will not work. This is required to avoid an uncontrolled appearance of the erection after the use of Forzest.

In what dose is Forzest used?

Every pill Forzest contains 20 mg of Tadalafil.It is necessary to take a pill of Forzest 20 mg 30 minutes before a sexual intercourse. You may take Forzest 20 mg beforehand, because the action of the drug lasts for about 2 days, and you do not have to control time of the action.

You may consume alcohol and fatty food in 30 minutes after the use of the pill. It will not influence on the efficiency of the drug. This is an excellent advantage of Forzest.

Forzest 20 mg may be used every day with the interval of 24 hours. Senior men should take the medicine seldom – once in 2 days.

  • If a man has a dysfunction of kidneys, or chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, Forzest should be used carefully. If the side effects appear after the use of the drug, or you feel sick, consult a doctor
  • Do not take Forzest 20 mg if you are taking medicines containing nitroglycerine or other nitrates. Their interaction may cause a severe decrease of the blood pressure and even death
  • Men with deformation of penis should be careful during the use of Forzest. Stop taking the pills if pain in penis appears
  • The Forzest worked well if you drink alcohol in low doses (not more 150-200ml). If you are in severe alcohol intoxication, tablets will be ineffective.
Side effects

The common side effects of Forzest are:

  • Headache
  • Tachycardia
  • Easy edema of the face
  • Dizziness
  • Indigestion

If the side effects last for a short period and do not cause psychological or physiological discomfort, a medical aid is not required.

But if the use of Forzest is accompanied by severe side effects, vomiting, allergic reaction, have a stomach lavage and seek for a medical aid as soon as possible.


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