(Rosuvastatin Calcium)

Brand Names: Crestor
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Crestor is a trading name of the active ingredient Rosuvastatin that has been developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi. This product brings good results in the treatment of the increased cholesterol level.

The use of Crestor helps to prevent serious diseases of the cardiovascular system every year. It is medically proved that the use of the drug reduces risk of myocardial infarction by 60%, and a number of cases of the ischemic heart disease is reduced by two times.

A mechanism of the action of Crestor consists in changing of the number of the liver receptors which do catabolism of the low-density lipoproteins. Increasing their number, “bad” cholesterol is quickly destructed, and its concentration drops. Moreover, a synthesis of cholesterol is reduced in the liver, and this leads to the additional therapeutic effect.

The action of Crestor begins after the first application. The drug rather quickly reduces sizes of atherosclerosis plaques and enhances lumen of the vessels. However, the action of Crestor is reversible, and catabolism and a production of cholesterol is restored up to the standard rates after the end of the treatment.

In what dose is Crestor used?

If the cholesterol level is increased, patients are prescribed a pill of Crestor 5 mg per day. This is a minimal daily dose that is needed to maintain an active catabolism of “bad” cholesterol. The pills are used once per day, in the morning, before or after breakfast.

If the effect is low, or there is a risk of the development of atherosclerosis/cardiovascular complications, the dose of Crestor is increased up to 10-20 mg per day. A dose is lowered up to 5 mg and a supporting therapy is used during a stable reduction of the cholesterol level in the blood and cleaning of lumen in the vessels.

Using more than 20 mg of Crestor per day is contraindicated because an excessive catabolism of lipids may also have a negative influence on the body.

  • Patients under 18 years old, women during pregnancy and lactation do not take Crestor. In case of hypocholesteremia, these patients may take statins only by doctor’s recommendations
  • If a patient has intensive pathologies of liver/kidneys, the use of Crestor is contraindicated
  • The pills of Crestor contain an additional non-active ingredients lactose, and therefore patients with intolerance of lactose do not take this drug
  • There is a wide range of medical products which may cause different side effects during the interaction with Crestor. So if you are taking such drugs as Ketoconazole, Cyclosporine, Niacin, Ritonavir, Cimetidine, Warfarin, the use of Crestor is not acceptable


Side effects

Low doses of Crestor do not cause apparent side effects. Crestor may cause negative symptoms in some part of people: myalgia, myopathy, disorders in the digestion system, and asthenic syndrome.

If the side effects are light moderate, a medical aid is not required. If the side effects grow, the treatment is stopped.


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