Brand Names: Stendra
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Avana is a drug of the new generation for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. This is the most modern PDE5 inhibitor which has been approved by FDA in 2012. Avana does not differ from Viagra or other drugs from the group of PDE5 inhibitors but it has a lot of advantages.

Avana has been specially developed for men who are not able to have erection. A development and medical studies have been conducted within many years, and scientists have managed to neutralize drawbacks in the analogical medicines.

Main characteristics of Avana:

  • Erection occurs in 15-25 minutes after the use of the pill
  • A prolonged duration of the sexual intercourse
  • Better sensations during the sexual intercourse
  • Orgasm is more intensive and prolonged
  • No effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, does not cause changes of the blood pressure
  • No medical addiction
  • A stable pharmacological efficiency even during a prolonged treatment
  • It may be used with fatty food and alcohol

Avana does not have drawbacks, and therefore it is very popular on the pharmaceutical market. But this drug is not able to cure of the erectile dysfunction. It does not impact the causes of the sexual disorder, it just removes the symptoms of this disease.

The action of Avana is the same as in other PDE5 inhibitors. The active ingredient Avanafil increases the blood circulation in the penis, and so the erection is improved. The medicine does not increase a sexual arousal, and therefore a man has to have a sexual desire to make the drug acting.

In what dose is Avana used?

To be ready for the sexual activity, it is necessary to take a pill of Avana 100 mg 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. To have a faster effect, take the medicine on an empty stomach and with a glass of water. You will have an intensive blood flow to the penis during the sexual stimulation.

But even if you take a pill of Avana 100 mg after meals, this will not affect a therapeutic effect. You will also have an erection but the action will be started in 30 minutes (not in 15-20 minutes).

Avana 100 mg may be used on ceper day. The action of the drug lasts for 4 to 8 hours. Only practice will show an individual reaction of the sexual function to the use of the pill.

Avana 100 mg may be used every day but the interval between the use should be at least 18-20 hours.

  • If a man is drunk, the effect of Avana may be absent. Alcohol influences on the functions of the central nervous system, so that there will be no adequate reaction to the sexual stimulation
  • If a man has a severe deformation of the penis or has had traumas of the penis leaded to the deformation of the tissues, the use of Avana is not recommended
  • Men with heart failure, myocardial infarction, severe arrhythmia, or stenocardia, the use of Avana is contraindicated
  • Do not use Avana if you are a woman or if you are a man under 18 years old
Side effects

Avana causes side effects seldom. It may happen only during significant exceeding of the daily dose. In this case, a man may have nausea, facial flushing, flatulence, pain in the temples, palpitations, skin rash.


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